The Institute for Relationship Wellness

& Sexual Health


Welcome to our practice website. You may be troubled by self doubt, questioning your or your partner's level of commitment, or contemplating walking away from a relationship. Perhaps you are feeling disconnected from others or frustrated by an unsatisfying sex life. Maybe you're single and exasperated by the drama that sometimes comes along with dating. Or, a parent who is helplessly watching your child or adolescent struggle in social relationships. If any of these statements resonate with you, we can help you navigate your journey to contentment, confidence, and bliss.  We have office locations in Atlanta, Georgia and Torrance, California. You are more than welcome to give us a call to find out more about our service offerings.


Interpersonal and sexuality concerns are not uncommon.... Children, adolescents, and adults struggle from time to time.  Occasionally, the difficulties experienced have a negative impact on their ability to function at home, in school, at work, or even within the larger community.

Therapists at The Institute for Relationship Wellness & Sexual Health, are dedicated to providing treatment services designed to promote relational and sexual wellness. We do so by providing hope and assistance in an environment that is non-judgmental, comfortable, sensitive, and safe.


The Institute for Relationship Wellness & Sexual Health is a psychological practice dedicated to providing unbiased and useful  therapeutic services to address relational difficulties associated with: