We conduct empirically-grounded forensic psychological evaluations for courts, private attorneys, public defenders, prosecutors, and employers in California and Tennessee. We additionally provide attorney consultations and  expert witness testimony. 

Evaluations performed  include psychological assessments of plaintiffs in civil matters, juveniles, and defendants in criminal matters.


♦ Competency to stand trial

♦ Understanding, appreciation, and competency to waive Miranda Rights

♦ Transfer/Waiver to criminal court

♦ Mental state at the time of offense (i.e., infancy, insanity, diminished capacity)

♦ Risk assessment (i.e., violence, psychosexual, recidivism)


 Dr. Ellis additionally conducts forensic psychological evaluations for adult criminal defendants.


♦ Family court evaluations (i.e., parental fitness, child custody)

♦ Preemployment and Fitness for duty evaluations

♦ Consultation to employers regarding behavioral problems in the workplace

♦ Special education (i.e., evaluation under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

♦ Independent Medical (Psychological) Examinations (IMEs) for Personal Injury Cases