About Couples Therapy

We assist couples troubled by self-doubt, who are questioning their level of commitment, or contemplating walking away from their relationship. Many clients report feeling disconnected from their partner or frustrated by an unsatisfying sex life.  Some couples come to the practice for help getting over a rough patch in a mostly-good relationship, while others come with their marriage on the line. We help couples navigate through disappointment, sadness, hurt, guilt, shame, fear, and despair. 

 If you are having difficulty in your marriage or committed relationship or the specific challenges of mid-life marriage, the anguish of infidelity, or seemingly irresolvable differences, we can work with you both to navigate these difficult times. There is hope and there is assistance in a non-judgmental environment of comfort, sensitivity, and safety.

Session Format

Couples therapy sessions generally last 90 minutes.  The assessment process occurs over the course of three sessions.  The first session is dedicated to meeting with you, as a couple, to obtain an understanding of the factors bringing you in to treatment, the history of your relationship, as well as the strategies used (successfully and unsuccessfully) to remediate difficulties. The second session is split into two 45-minute individual sessions.  That is, your therapist will meet with each of you individually to learn more about your background, perspective of the relationship, and family history.  The third session is designed to provide you and your partner with feedback regarding your relationship areas of strength and challenge.  Time will additionally taken to discuss goals for treatment and together formulate a plan for addressing your needs. 

The subsequent treatment sessions will be dedicated to helping you resolve your areas of difficulty, learn to communicate and disagree more constructively, increase your respect, affection, and closeness to one another, build and share a deeper connection,  and strengthen your relationship. 

Although couples do have an option to schedule 45 minute therapy sessions, we highly recommend receiving treatment via 90 minute sessions.  The 90 minute session provides you with enough time to adequately settle in, discuss and deescalate areas of emotional challenge, bring matters to resolution, and feel as if you have made a step forward. 

Treatment Approach

The approach to couples therapy utilized by The Institute for Relationship Wellness & Sexual Health is grounded in and informed by research that has evaluated the factors known to contribute to relationship success and failure.  During treatment, you and your partner will learn to use effective interaction and communication skills.  Each session will be designed to meet the unique needs identified during your assessment. You will learn to build/rebuild your friendship and intimacy, manage conflict more effectively, and build life dreams together as a couple.  Consequently, you and your partner will learn to use strategies that happy, stable, long-term couples have been found to use successfully.